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Our Services

Spray Paints

Olypmia carries a wide range of spray paint products.

Cutting & Grinding Disc

Olympia presents a complete range of cutting & grinding discs

Blind Rivits

Wide selection of blind rivets in every size and material in-stock

Diamond Cutters

We offer a wide range of different diamond cutting discs.

Masking & Packing Tapes

Pakistan leading supplier of masking & packaging tapes

Why us?

We got the tools

Olympia Trader gives you the best tools and products.

Certified Experience

We provide only proven and certified products for you.

Competitive Pricing

Olympia Traders give you best competitive rates

Quality Guarantee

Olympia give it customers the guarantee of quality tools and products

20 Years Experience

We have vast experience in our products and tools.

Great Support

Our professional team is always available to guide you.